Free Dog Agility Course Designer

Here is a free and easy way to create dog agility course maps on your PC or Mac using the free program Inkscape and the attached PDF below that was generated from the iPhone app Agility iMap the ultimate course designer for your iPhone and iPad. Instructions are embedded in the PDF.

It is also perfect for editing course maps on your PC or Mac that you originally created on your iPhone with Agility iMap.

Just open the PDF attached below in the Inkscape program and follow these instructions:
1) maxmize your window and press the 5 key
2) To move obstacles: click it and drag
3) To rotate an obstacle: click it twice and draw corner handles.
4) To delete and obstacle: click it and press delete key
5) To duplicate an obstacle: click it and press Ctrl D

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je voudrais voir si je vais

je voudrais voir si je vais bienaimer travailler avec ce logiciel merci

aime ce logiciel

aime ce logiciel

French comment

Glad to hear you love the software.
Heureux d'entendre que vous aimez le logiciel.


I can't duplicate an obstacle or curve tunnels. Help please!

me neither, sounds like a

me neither, sounds like a con. why do people do that

Agility course



The duplicating works like this:

you click the obstacle you want to duplicate
than ctrl+D
the obstacle has duplicated itself on the same place, so when you click it en drag it, you can place the duplicate anywhere you want and the original obstacle stays on his place.
I like the program very much. Thank you for sharing this program with us!!!! It comes in very handing.




Any new updates since 2010?

Cheers from Seattle

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Can anyone help? I've

Can anyone help? I've installed the program, saved the pdf to my computer, but when I try to open it in the program it freezes and stops responding! Any help would be greaty appreciated :)

Nevermind about the question

Nevermind about the question above, it seemed to sort itself out after awhile. Thank you very much, it works so well! And saves me some money :)

course designer

This link does not work, I have downloaded it and have just got a page of agility equipment on a grid that does absolutely nothing. Complete waste of time.

It wont work

I cant move the jumps or anything else. around they wont move